Construction and Reconstruction of 110 - 750 kV Transmission Lines


Construction in power sector is featured by high requirements to quality, reliability and safety in implementation of technological solutions and compliance with domestic and international power engineering standards. In addition, complicated geographical and weather condition for works (e.g., routing of OHLs through lakes, rivers, mountain terrains etc), which are sometimes envisaged by designs for construction of power facilities, require utilization of special technologies and application of specialized machinery for mitigation of negative impact on environment and for ensuring safety during execution of works.

Experience and expertise of power engineering experts of Horos LLC, resource and machinery base, application of state-of-art equipment and technologies allow integrated implementation of projects of construction of power facilities with due account for above requirements and with maximum preservation of natural landscape on construction territory. In its turn, this is a basis for environmentally safe operation of power facilities, which is necessary for reliable power supply in technological chain of production, transmission and supply of electric power.

Process of transmission line construction is a close symbiosis of engineers, workmen and, undoubtedly, machinery, on capacity of which depends realization of complicated and sometimes unique objectives and technological solutions. 

Application of specialized machinery and mechanisms with broad range of technological capabilities is one of the most significant constituents of successful implementation of any project. 

All our technical equipment is certified and meets requirements towards emission of noise and noxious substances, and delivers high performance, reliability and broad range of technological capabilities, as witnessed by specialized machinery available at company’s fleet.

Fleet of machinery (function-wise): 

  • Excavation works – bulldozers and excavators of various power and dipper capacity.
  • Temporary access roads – conversion machinery, including machinery on tank chassis (can operate in any geographical and weather conditions).
  • Loading and unloading of cargo, handling on construction sites – cranes with rating from 16 to 30 tones.
  • Transportation of goods - Renault, КрАЗ and ЗіЛ trucks, dumper and haulage trucks, special trailers for small and big cargos.
  • Installation of towers – truck cranes of different load-carrying ability, conversion road laying machines БАТ-2 equipped with loading winch.

Types of works:

  • Installation of foundations for construction of overhead transmission lines, namely pre-cast reinforced concrete and drilled piles, drilled piles with casing tubes, drilled injection piles etc.;
  • Replacement and installation of reinforced concrete tangent and portal structures for overhead transmission lines;
  • Replacement and installation of steel latticed suspension and angle-tension towers for overhead transmission lines;
  • Installation of polyhedral and combined structures, as well as installation of telecommunication towers and other pre-fabricated steel structures. 
  • Towers for overhead transmission lines are erected by lifting process and “falling jib erection” method. 

Our important facilities: 

  • Construction of 77 km of overhead transmission line under large-scale project of construction of backbone 750 kV Rivne NPP – Kyiv HVL, including stringing of conductor (subcontract);
  • Construction of 94 km of overhead transmission line 750 kV Khmelnytsk NPP – Chornobyl NPP to SS 750 kV “Kyivska”, including stringing of conductor along the full length (130 km) (subcontract);
  • Reconstruction of overhead transmission line 330 kV Kaniv HPP – SS 330 kV “Polyana” (length – 100 km) (subcontract).