Construction and Reconstruction of 110 - 750 kV Substations


Horos LLC as general contractor performs the whole cycle of construction & assembly, electric installation and commissioning works for primary and secondary equipment during construction of new and reconstruction of existing substations of voltage class up to 750 kV.

During execution works the equipment of leading domestic and global manufacturers is installed (power transformers, autotransformers, busbar sections and networks, power switches, disconnectors etc.). 

Types of works during construction and reconstruction of substations:

  • Development of working documentation;
  • Development of work order project;
  • Preparation of construction site (construction netting, dismantling works, planning works;
  • Supply, installation, setting up, testing and commissioning of equipment, namely: autotransformers, compensating inductors, shunt reactors, indoor transformer substations, package substations, closed switch-gear 10-15 kV, 110 – 750 kV relay, control and operation panel units, auxiliary transformers, optical fiber transmission system devices, automated process control systems, automated power metering systems, aggregated systems of automatic remote control, systems of technological and security CCTV, systems of automated fire extinguishment in SS buildings, systems of automated fire alarm and alerting in SS buildings;
  • Execution of works on 110 – 750 kV outdoor switch-gear, substation control building, arrangement of earth system on SS, arrangement of integrated cable system;
  • Arrangement of oil drains, on-site networks of fire-fighting water lines, chambers of valve switching and outside lightning, warning lights;
  • Execution of works on auxiliary and maintenance facilities, transportation and communication facilities, external systems and structures of water and heat supply and sewage, beautification and planting on SS;
  • Packing, transportation, insurance, unloading and storage of structures, materials and equipment on construction site;
  • Execution of as-built documents. 

Horos LLC provides warranty for executed works, including removal of defects during guarantee period for all components of contractual item. 

Availability of specialized equipment and skilled specialists allows performing operating and extensive repairs of power and instrument transformers, circuit-breakers, including SF6 circuit-breakers, as well as other primary and secondary equipment of domestic and global manufacturers.