Installation of Conductors, Ground-Wire Cable and OPGW


Horos LLC performs installation of conductor by “under tension” method with application of specialized machinery of world-known manufacturer Tesmec (Italy).

The above state-of-the-art installation technology “under tension” foresees pulling of conductor through the top of available towers without touching ground surface or any other obstacles. The conductor does not get damaged, on all installation phases it remains in air and thus also does not get cracked or lashed. This method can be used on any surfaces, in any place. Two spots need to be arranged – one for stringing machine, the other – for breaking machine. Distance between spots can be from several to ten – twelve km. 

Equipment at the disposal of Horos LLC allows installation of any conductors for transmission lines, including – all aluminum alloy conductor (AAAC), aluminum conductor alloy reinforced (ACAR), aluminum conductor steel supported (ACSS), aluminum conductor composite core (ACCC) and fiber optic cable like OPGW. 

Stringing and breaking machines with 25 – 180 kN capacity, together with additional equipment, special instruments and own testing laboratory allow executing following works: 

  • Installation of conductors for transmission lines of high and ultra-high voltage (backbone lines), performing tension of 1 – 6 conductors for one phase per one pass;
  • Installation of conductors on transmission lines of average voltage (distribution lines);
  • Installation of fiber optic cables (OPGW);
  • Installation of power cables; 
  • Reverse spooling of conductors on existing transmission lines during reconstruction;
  • Replacement of ground-wire with OPGW.

Special machinery allows performing works under induced voltage. 

Steel aluminum conductor installation capacity of Horos LLC is more than 300 km of conductor per month.