Construction and Reconstruction of 110 - 750 kV Transmission Lines


The main particularity in power construction are high quality requirements, reliability and safety in the implementation of technological concept as well as compliance with national and international standards in the energy sector. In addition, difficult geographic/natural conditions of work (for example, passing an overhead power line route through lakes, rivers, mountainous terrain, etc.), which are sometimes envisaged by power facilities construction projects, require the use of special technologies and the use of special equipment to minimize the negative impact on the surrounding ecosystem and improve the safety of work.

The experience and professionalism of the energy specialists of Horos LLC, the material and technical as well as financial base, usage of modern equipment and technologies allow the integrated implementation of construction projects for power facilities taking into account the above requirements and with the maximum preservation of the natural landscape in the construction site. This, in turn, is the basis for reliable and environmentally safe operation of power facilities, which is necessary for a stable energy supply to consumers in the technological chain of production, transmission and supply of electricity.

The use of specialized equipment and mechanisms with a wide range of technological capabilities is one of the most significant components of the successful implementation of any project.

Works on the installation of wire Horos LLC is performed by the "under tension" method, using special equipment produced by the world-famous manufacturer Tesmec (Italy).

When using modern installation technology «under tension», the wire is pulled along the top of existing towers without touching the ground or any other obstacles. The wire is not damaged, it is in the air at all stages of laying, no cracks and gaps are formed.

The equipment of Horos LLC allows the installation of any wires of power lines, including: all aluminium alloy conductor (AAAC), aluminum conductor, alloy reinforced (ACAR), aluminium conductor steel supported (ACSS), composite core wire (ACCC) and fiber-optic cable, in particular, OPGW.

Park of the machinery by functional areas: 

  • Earthwork - bulldozers and excavators of different power and bucket capacity.
  • Preparation of temporary access roads - conversion equipment, incl. on the tank chassis (works in any geographic and weather conditions).
  • Loading and unloading of cargo, moving on construction sites - cranes with lifting capacity from 16 to 30 tons.
  • Cargo transportation - trucks Man, Renault, KrAZ, dump trucks, tractors and special trailers for oversized and multi-ton loads.
  • Installation of supports - truck-mounted cranes of various load-carrying capacity, conversion bulldozers BAT-2 with a cargo winch.
  • Tesmec equipment set for assembling and disassembling of wire and cable using "under tension" technology.

Types of works:

  • Design with obtaining of all necessary approvals and permits;
  • Installation of foundations for the construction of overhead power lines, in particular precast concrete, from bored piles, from bored piles with casing, inclined pile etc.;
  • Replacement and installation of reinforced single-legged and portal towers of overhead power lines;
  • Replacement and installation of metal lattice intermediate and anchor-angle towers of overhead power lines;
  • Installation of multifaceted towers and combined structures, as well as installation of telecommunication towers and other prefabricated metal constructions.
  • Installation of towers of overhead power lines is carried out by the splicing method and the falling jib erection method.
  • Wire installation on power lines of any voltage class, performing tension from 1 to 5 wires per phase in one pass;
  • Installation of fiber optic cables (OPGW) and ground wire.

Our objects:

  • Construction of 77 km of an overhead power line as part of a large-scale project for the construction of the 750 kV main line of the Rivno NPP — Kyivska, including the installation of a wire (subcontracting);
  • Construction of 94 km of 750 kV overhead power line Khmelnitska NPP - Chernobyl NPP at SS 750 kV "Kyivska", including wire installation along the entire length of the line (130 km) (subcontracting);
  • Reconstruction of the 330 kV overhead power line Kanevska HPP - SS 330 kV "Polyana" (length 100 km) (subcontracting).
  • Construction of approaches of 330 kV overhead lines "Khersonska-Novokakhovska" (16 km long) and "Novokakhovska-Ostrovska" (28 km long) at SS 750 kV Kakhovska.