Construction and Reconstruction of 110 - 750 kV Substations


Horos LLC performs a full range of design and survey, construction and installation works, electrical installation and commissioning of primary and secondary equipment, protection and automation systems, automatic process control systems, power metering and quality control systems, systems monitoring of equipment condition and prevention of emergency situations during the construction of new and reconstruction of existing substations with voltage up to 750 kV.

In carrying out the works, the equipment of leading world and domestic manufacturers is being installed (power transformers, autotransformers, reactors, high-voltage circuit-breaker, instrument transformers, disconnectors, etc.)

Types of work in the construction and reconstruction of substations:

  • implementation of front end engineering design;
  • performing all types of surveys (geotechnical, geodetic engineering, hydrometeorological engineering, etc.);
  • development of project documentation for construction objects of the class of consequences CC1-CC3 (power lines and substations with a voltage class of 35 to 750 kV), any stages with obtaining all necessary approvals;
  • digital substation design;
  • obtaining a positive conclusion of the state expertise on the developed projects;
  • development of work projects
  • the implementation of a complex of preparatory work, including the establishment of temporary access roads, the laying of engineering networks and the preparation of the construction site (construction grid breakdown, dismantling works, planning works, special works on water drainage, peat extraction, etc.);
  • construction of technological, administrative and domestic buildings of any seismic resistance, number of floors and configuration;
  • construction and installation of open switchgears and transformer fields for the construction of foundations, grounding devices, cable routes, supports, gantries, fire barriers, drainage systems, drainage pipes and other technological facilities;
  • supply, installation, adjusting, testing and commissioning of transformer equipment: power autotransformers and transformers, compensating and shunt reactors, control transformers and auxiliary transformers;
  • delivery, installation, adjusting, testing and commissioning of gas-insulated switchgear equipment (GIS) of any voltage class for indoor and outdoor installation;
  • supply, installation, adjusting, testing and commissioning of open and closed switchgear equipment: hybrid switchgear, high-voltage circuit breakers, instrument transformers, disconnectors, surge arresters, HF channel equipment, compensation devices;
  • delivery, installation, adjusting, testing and commissioning of conductors of any design and any voltage class, including rigid busbars, shielded and gas-insulated conductors. Installation of flexible busbars;
  • installation of high voltage cable lines;
  • installation of explosion protection systems and automatic fire extinguishing systems with any fire extinguishing agent;
  • battery installation;
  • supply, installation, adjusting and commissioning of relay protection and automation, emergency control automation systems, equipment monitoring systems, automatic process control systems, electricity metering and control systems;
  • installation of video surveillance systems, access control, burglar and fire alarm control systems;
  • performance of work on utility and service objects, on transport and communication facilities, on external networks and facilities of water supply, sewage and heat supply, on landscaping and gardening of the SS territory;
  • packaging, transportation, insurance, unloading and storage of structures, materials and equipment at the construction site;

The presence of highly qualified specialists, specialized equipment and technology allows you to perform any type of construction, repair and commissioning.

Horos LLC bears warranty obligations for work performed, including the elimination of defects during the warranty period for all components that are the subject of delivery.