Industrial and Civil Construction


One of the main activities of the enterprise is industrial and civil construction. The company performs complete cycle of construction, from land allocation, development of design and estimate documentation, to putting of facility into operation. 

Horos LLC has strong engineering capacities, production base of construction and other specialized machinery. The enterprise engages skilled experts for execution of all types of works. The company acts as employer, developer and investor of construction of residential houses and community and consumer facilities. 

Effective project management structure of Horos LLC, which was developed on the basis of successful experience in construction of multistoried buildings and centers, guarantees quality and accurate timeframe of works. This is achieved also owing to utilization of innovative materials, technologies of works and availability of own fleet of necessary high-technology construction machinery and mechanisms. 

With each new facility we build new life – comfortable, qualitative and affordable. 

Construction project is formed on the basis of engineering, architectural and design solutions with due account for modern tendencies and request of owners of immovable property.

Horos LLC branch of activities»:

  • Design works;
  • Construction of residential and commercial real estate;
  • Realization of real estate;
  • After-sales service of commissioned real estate.

Horos LLC main work activities:

Design works:

  • Architectural and construction design;
  • Patterning of supporting and enclosing structures;
  • Design of internal engineering systems and networks
  • Design of external engineering systems, networks and structures;
  • Development of general lay-out (of micro-district, blocks, residential quarters, settlements, facility); 
  • Reliability compliance levels of buildings and structures, types and conditions of construction of design objects.


Construction & assembly works:

  • Construction of supporting and enclosing structures of buildings and facilities;
  • Finishing works for structures and equipment;
  • Installation of internal engineering systems and networks;
  • Finishing works; 
  • Installation of external engineering systems and networks;
  • Protection of structures, equipment and networks;
  • Commissioning works;

Engineering works:

  • Design;
  • Project support and technical supervision;
  • Service and maintenance of facilities.