Construction of the 2nd start-up complex PS-750 kV «Kiev». Installation of the second AT 750 kV



NPC "Ukrenergo"


In 2015 SE "NEC" Ukrenergo" announced about the competitive tendering for the project of the 2d phase of construction the SS 750 kV  "Kyivska", which took place on the 29th of  April  in 2015, as the result "Dalekovod D.D." ( Zagreb, Croatia) in Ukraine acted as a winner, where LLC "Horos" is the only subcontractor of performing a full range of works on the design, supply of equipment and construction.

      On the 5th of March 2012 the state enterprise "NEC Ukrenergo" approved the project "Reconstruction SS 750 kV "Kyivska" with the installation of the second autotransformer 750 kV and construction activities of overhead lines 330 kV in Kyiv region."

     The first stage expected the construction of electronetworks objects consisting of the SS 750 kV "Kyivska" with  the autotransformer AT-2 750/330 kV  by (3x333) MVA power and the connection  OHL 750 kV of  ChNPP - Vinnytska NPP. It was implemented in 2008.

     The project realization should increase the throughput of crossing West- Vinnytsa that provides the work of Rivne and Khmelnitsky NPP without limiting their capacity, with unloading connections of internal sections in the Western region of United Energy Systems of Ukraine,  and the ability to generate electricity from NPP by consumers  of Kiev ring, to ensure a reliable operation of nuclear power plants and power networks of Western and South-Western power systems and United Energy Systems of Ukraine in general, to simplify the execution of planned repairs of OHL 330 and 750 kV, and also to increase the reliability of electricity consumers.

       Under the contract, that was signed on the 20th of  August 2015 between SE "NEC Ukrenergo" and the company "Dalekovod D.D.", LLC "Horos" should perform:


1. The geological researches realization;

2. The "Work documentation" in the design stage;

3. Purchasing and delivery the high-voltage equipment, RP and A equipment, HF communication, AEMS and SCS, video control in the full amount;

4. Full complex of construction and installation works on the territory of substation (arrangement Pile foundations, metal grills, rolling paths transformers, installation portals, lighting towers and Lightning, facilities of improvement, etc.);

5. Transport, installation and commissioning works with the installation of a second autotransformer group AODTSTN-333 000/750/330-U1 with the power of 1000 MVA (3h333 MVA) transformers with cross-type regulation ODTSTN 92 000/110-U1;

6. Reconstruction of outdoor switchgear  330 kV;

7. Reconstruction of outdoor switchgear 750 kV;

8. Construction of indoor switchgear - 15.75 kV;

9. Camera construction of switching latches of automated fire extinguishing system;

10. Сamera сonstruction of current-limiting reactors 15.75 kV;

11. Transformer installation for  its own needs with the power 2500 kVA;

12. Reconstruction of systems and constructions needed to ensure a reliable, safe and convenient exploitation of additional substation equipment (systems management, protection and alarm systems, fire fighting, etc.);

 13. Installation of a new HF equipment in the links of OHL 330 kV on the substation "Kyivska" towards the SS-330 kV "ChNPP " and SS - 330 kV "Northern";

14. Installation of a new HF equipment in the links of OHL 330 kV  on the substation " Northern" towards the SS "Kyivska";

15. Installation of a new HF equipment in the links of OHL 330 kV  on the substation "ChNPP" towards the SS "Kyivska";

16. Commissioning works and installation of the 2d phase of construction.

      Project works were made by "Horos" from December 2015 till August 2016. 

Currently, the workers of the company are being carried out on construction work on the substation "Kyivska". The modern equipment use to implement the project that is produced by "SIEMENS", "ABB», «Alstom Grid», «General Electric» and by domestic producers "ZTR", "Hartron Incor" and others. Today on the substation were imported 3 phase of transformers with cross-type regulation ODTNP-92 000/110-U1 (total weight 240 tons) and transformer of its own needs TMN-2500/10-U1 and other original equipment: load-break switch of 330 kV – 5 three-phase sets, measuring current transformers of 330 and 750 kV -  24 phases, load-break switchgear of 15.75 kV, overvoltage limiters of 750 and 330 kV. 

       At the substation was built a modern mobile building town. Also there was made an encouraging conditions for "Horos" workers for safe and comfortable living.