The project “New construction of the Syvash 330/35 kV Substation"


The project “New construction of the Syvash 330/35 kV Substation in the Chaplinsky District of the Kherson Region for the delivery of power from the Syvash Wind Power Plant (wind farm) with a capacity of 250 MW".

Customer - Syvashenergoprom LLC.

As part of the project, Khoros LLC carries out all types of work, including:

  • Construction of switchgear 330 kV according to the diagram of 330-9 (Quadrangle).
  • Construction of 35 kV switchgear according to diagram 35-5 (two main, sectioned by switches, bus systems).
  • Installation of two transformers with a capacity of 195 MVA each.
  • Installation of KTПM-35 (outdoor transformer substation)/ 0.4 kV.
  • Installation of four ДГК (arc coil) 400 kVA 35 kV.
  • ЗПК (control building), dimensions 18x24 m and a BPУ (indoor switchgear), dimensions 12x21 m.
  • Construction of an oil drainage system, an oil collector, a pump station, oily drains and a fire fighting pump station.
  • Installation and commissioning of relay protection and automatic control devices.
  • Organization, installation, commissioning of process control systems, emergency automation, АСКОЕ (automatic system of commercial electricity metering).
  • Establishment of 0.4 kV auxiliary panels and 0.22 kV ЩПС (AC shield) cubicles.
  • Grounding and lighting of substations.
  • Landscaping.
  • Reconfiguration of the 330 kV overhead line connecting the Sivash substation by connection to OHVT 330 kV Kakhovskaya - Dzhankoy, OHVT 330 kV Kakhovskaya 750 - Ostrovskaya.
  • Reconstruction of overhead lines 220 kV Kakhovskaya - Titan substations.