Reconstruction of SS 750 kV "Kyivska"


Reconstruction of SS 750 kV "Kyivska" with the installation of the second 750 kV autotransformer including: 

  • Installation of autotransformer group АОДЦТН -330000/750/330 U1 with a capacity of 3*330 000 kVA with transformers of transverse control ОДТНП - 92000/110 U1;
  • Reconstruction of the AIS 750 kV with the installation of switching devices and instrument transformers.
  • Construction on the AIS 330 kV of three one-and-a-half fields with rigid busbars.
  • Reconstruction of the substation auxiliary power supply network with the installation of auxiliary transformer 15,75/10 kW.
  • Сonstruction of a 15.75 kV indoor switchgear and reactor installation building.
  • Installation of relay protection and automation, emergency control and monitoring equipment based on microprocessor devices.
  • Reconstruction of the AT fire extinguishing system, fire alarm system. Installation of six sets of fire suppression system "Sergi".
  • Reconstruction of automated process control systems with video surveillance systems and access control management.

As a result of the reconstruction, the capacity of the SS 750 kV "Kyivska", which is a key substation in the power supply of the central region of Ukraine, has been doubled.